IMessage interface

DIDComm message

export interface IMessage


createdAtstringOptional. Creation date (ISO 8601)
credentialsVerifiableCredential []Optional. Array of attached verifiable credentials
dataobject | nullOptional. Parsed data
expiresAtstringOptional. Expiration date (ISO 8601)
fromstringOptional. Sender DID
idstringUnique message ID
metaDataIMetaData [] | nullOptional. Array of message metadata
presentationsVerifiablePresentation []Optional. Array of attached verifiable presentations
rawstringOptional. Original message raw data
replyTostring[]Optional. List of DIDs to reply to
replyUrlstringOptional. URL to post a reply message to
threadIdstringOptional. Thread ID
tostringOptional. Recipient DID
typestringMessage type