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Update DID Document

Adding funds to your blockchain account

First of all you will need to add add funds to the blockchain account that is being used to send transactions to the network.

Resolve your first identifier and find blockchainAccountId in resolution result. It will look something like this:

"blockchainAccountId": "eip155:5:0x52794453F09690Ed83d412ea929287102B4C5b9D"

In this case, the account is 0x52794453F09690Ed83d412ea929287102B4C5b9D

Now, you can use one of the "faucets" listed here to send funds to your account.


Let's add a method that will call the agent to create and add additional key to the DID Document.

// filename: App.tsx

// ... imports
import { IVerifyResult } from '@veramo/core'

const App = () => {
// const [identifiers, setIdentifiers] = ...

const [addKeyResult, setAddKeyResult] = useState<string>('')

const addKey = async () => {
if (identifiers[0].did) {
try {
setAddKeyResult('Adding new key...')
const key = await agent.keyManagerCreate({
kms: 'local',
type: 'Secp256k1',

const result = await agent.didManagerAddKey({
did: identifiers[0].did,
const str = JSON.stringify(result, null, 2)
} catch (e) {

// ... the rest of the App code

// Modify the return value of the `App` function to include space for the DID document like so:
return (
{/* previously added code */}
<View style={{ padding: 20 }}>
title={'Add key'}
disabled={!identifiers || identifiers.length === 0}
onPress={() => addKey()}
<Text style={{ fontSize: 10 }}>{addKeyResult}</Text>


In this guide we:

  • added a new key to the DID Document