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Performant and modular APIs for Verifiable Data and SSI

Create and manage decentralized identifiers + verifiable credentials without worrying about interop and vendor lock-in.

Modular, Composable, Scalable

Modular, Composable, Scalable

Veramo was designed from the ground up to be flexible and modular making it highly scalable. Create an agent, add plugins, run on server or mobile. You can also expose your agent over REST.

Awesome CLI

Awesome CLI

The Veramo core API is exposed by our CLI tool. Get started quickly creating DIDs and VCs from your terminal or run a local cloud agent. Developers will love the plugin development tools included.



Veramo runs on Node, Browsers, and React Native right out of the box.

Clean API backed by TypeScript

Veramo has a simple and clean API that is easy to reason about. This example bootstraps your agent with minimal configuration.

import { createAgent } from '@veramo/core'
import { KeyManager } from '@veramo/key-manager'
import { DIDManager } from '@veramo/did-manager'
import { CredentialIssuer } from '@veramo/credential-w3c'

/* Configure the agent */
const agent = createAgent({
plugins: [
new KeyManager(/* config */),
new DIDManager(/* config */),
new CredentialIssuer(),

/* Create an identifier and optionally link to an existing user */
const user = await agent.didManagerGetOrCreate({
alias: 'alice'

const verifiableCredential = await agent.createVerifiableCredential({
credential: {
issuer: { id: '' },
credentialSubject: {
id: user.did,
tutorial: 42,
status: 'completed'
proofFormat: 'jwt',
save: false


Veramo is powered by a flexible plugin system. We have a growing list of core plugins and adding your own custom plugin is easy.


Manage keys and their metadata.
Is used by other plugins for cryptographic operations.


Create and manage DIDs.
Uses did-provider-* implementations.


Issue and verify W3C Verifiable Credentials and Presentations.


Decrypt or decode messages and trigger actions.


Store and query Verifiable Credentials and Presentations using SQL-like databases.


Store and query Verifiable Credentials and Presentations using a JSON object


Pack, send, decrypt, and decode DIDComm messages.


Key Management System that stores keys locally or in memory.
This is used by key-manager


Key Management System that delegates operations to a web3 wallet.
This is used by key-manager


Create an OpenAPI interface for plugins, serve did:web documents, ingress for message-handler.


Connect to a remote-server and provide those plugin methods locally


Create and manage did:ethr identifiers


Create and manage did:web identifiers


Create did:key identifiers


Create and manage did:ion identifiers


Create did:pkh identifiers


Create did:jwk identifiers


Decode and verify JWT messages. This is used with message-handler


Create and handle requests for selective disclosure of Verifiable Credentials.

Awesome CLI

No framework is complete without a fully featured CLI tool that gives you access to all the core functionality from your terminal. Veramo's CLI tool contains everything you need to get started.

npm i @veramo/cli -g

Verifiable data is the new standard

We live in a data driven, digital world and make decisions based on reputation. Off-chain verifiabilty is a critical building block for the economy of tomorrow. Veramo gives you the tools to start building trust networks that accelerate decision making, efficiency and productivity