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ICreateVerifiablePresentationArgs interface

Encapsulates the parameters required to create a W3C Verifiable Presentation

export interface ICreateVerifiablePresentationArgs


challenge?string(Optional) Optional (only JWT) string challenge parameter to add to the verifiable presentation.
domain?string(Optional) Optional string domain parameter to add to the verifiable presentation.

(Optional) When dealing with JSON-LD you also MUST provide the proper contexts. Set this to true ONLY if you want the @context URLs to be fetched in case they are not preloaded. The context definitions SHOULD rather be provided at startup instead of being fetched.

Defaults to false

keyRef?string(Optional) [Optional] The ID of the key that should sign this presentation. If this is not specified, the first matching key will be used.

The JSON payload of the Presentation according to the canonical model.

The signer of the Presentation is chosen based on the holder property of the presentation

@context, type and issuanceDate will be added automatically if omitted

proofFormatProofFormatThe desired format for the VerifiablePresentation to be created. Currently, only JWT is supported
removeOriginalFields?boolean(Optional) Remove payload members during JWT-JSON transformation. Defaults to true. See\#jwt-encoding
save?boolean(Optional) If this parameter is true, the resulting VerifiablePresentation is sent to the storage plugin to be saved.