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IDIDManager interface

Identifier manager interface


export interface IDIDManager extends IPluginMethodMap

Extends: IPluginMethodMap


didManagerAddKey(args, context)Adds a key to a DID Document
didManagerAddService(args, context)Adds a service to a DID Document
didManagerCreate(args, context)Creates and returns a new identifier
didManagerDelete(args, context)Deletes identifier
didManagerFind(args)Returns a list of managed identifiers
didManagerGet(args)Returns a specific identifier
didManagerGetByAlias(args)Returns a specific identifier by alias
didManagerGetOrCreate(args, context)Returns an existing identifier or creates a new one for a specific alias
didManagerGetProviders()Returns a list of available identifier providers
didManagerImport(args, context)Imports identifier
didManagerRemoveKey(args, context)Removes a key from a DID Document
didManagerRemoveService(args, context)Removes a service from a DID Document
didManagerSetAlias(args, context)Sets identifier alias
didManagerUpdate(args, context)Updates the DID document of a managed DID.