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IMessage interface

Represents a DIDComm v1 message payload, with optionally decoded credentials and presentations.

export interface IMessage


attachments?IMessageAttachment[](Optional) Optional. Array of generic attachments
createdAt?string(Optional) Optional. Creation date (ISO 8601)
credentials?VerifiableCredential[](Optional) Optional. Array of attached verifiable credentials
data?object | null(Optional) Optional. Parsed data
expiresAt?string(Optional) Optional. Expiration date (ISO 8601)
from?string(Optional) Optional. Sender DID
idstringUnique message ID
metaData?IMetaData[] | null(Optional) Optional. Array of message metadata
presentations?VerifiablePresentation[](Optional) Optional. Array of attached verifiable presentations
raw?string(Optional) Optional. Original message raw data
replyTo?string[](Optional) Optional. List of DIDs to reply to
replyUrl?string(Optional) Optional. URL to post a reply message to
returnRoute?string(Optional) Optional. Signal how to reuse transport for return messages
threadId?string(Optional) Optional. Thread ID
to?string(Optional) Optional. Recipient DID
typestringMessage type