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VerificationPolicies interface

This API is provided as a preview for developers and may change based on feedback that we receive. Do not use this API in a production environment.

These optional settings can be used to override some default checks that are performed on Presentations during verification.

export interface VerificationPolicies


audience?boolean(BETA) (Optional) policy to skip the audience check when set to false
credentialStatus?boolean(BETA) (Optional) policy to skip the revocation check (credentialStatus) when set to false
expirationDate?boolean(BETA) (Optional) policy to skip the expirationDate (exp) timestamp check when set to false
issuanceDate?boolean(BETA) (Optional) policy to skip the issuanceDate (nbf) timestamp check when set to false
now?number(BETA) (Optional) policy to over the now (current time) during the verification check (UNIX time in seconds)