Veramo Core

Provides Agent implementation and defines IResolver , IDIDManager, IKeyManager, IDataStore, IMessageHandler plugin interfaces


AgentProvides a common context for all plugin methods. This is the main entry point into the API of the DID Agent Framework. When plugins are installed, they extend the API of the agent and the methods they provide can all use the common context so that plugins can build on top of each other and create a richer experience.


createAgent(options)Helper function to create a new instance of the Agent class with correct type


IAgentAgent that can execute methods
IAgentBaseAgent base interface
IAgentContextStandard plugin method context interface
IAgentOptionsAgent configuration options. This interface is used to describe the constellation of plugins that this agent will use and provide.You will use this to attach plugins, to setup overrides for their methods and to explicitly set the methods that this agent instance is allowed to call. This permissioning method is also used for internal calls made by plugin code.
IAgentPluginAgent plugin interface
IAgentPluginSchemaAgent plugin schema
IDataStoreBasic data store interface
IDataStoreGetMessageArgsInput arguments for dataStoreGetMessage
IDataStoreGetVerifiableCredentialArgsInput arguments for dataStoreGetVerifiableCredential
IDataStoreGetVerifiablePresentationArgsInput arguments for dataStoreGetVerifiablePresentation
IDataStoreSaveMessageArgsInput arguments for dataStoreSaveMessage
IDataStoreSaveVerifiableCredentialArgsInput arguments for dataStoreSaveVerifiableCredential
IDataStoreSaveVerifiablePresentationArgsInput arguments for dataStoreSaveVerifiablePresentation
IDIDManagerIdentifier manager interface
IDIDManagerAddKeyArgsInput arguments for didManagerAddKey
IDIDManagerAddServiceArgsInput arguments for didManagerAddService
IDIDManagerCreateArgsInput arguments for didManagerCreate
IDIDManagerDeleteArgsInput arguments for didManagerDelete
IDIDManagerFindArgsInput arguments for didManagerFind
IDIDManagerGetArgsInput arguments for didManagerGet
IDIDManagerGetByAliasArgsInput arguments for didManagerGetByAlias
IDIDManagerGetOrCreateArgsInput arguments for didManagerGetOrCreate
IDIDManagerRemoveKeyArgsInput arguments for didManagerRemoveKey
IDIDManagerRemoveServiceArgsInput arguments for didManagerRemoveService
IDIDManagerSetAliasArgsInput arguments for didManagerSetAlias
IEventListenerDescribes a listener interface that needs to be implemented by components interested in listening to events emitted by an agent.
IHandleMessageArgsInput arguments for handleMessage
IIdentifierIdentifier interface
IKeyCryptographic key
IKeyManagerKey manager interface
IKeyManagerCreateArgsInput arguments for keyManagerCreate
IKeyManagerDecryptJWEArgs(BETA) Input arguments for keyManagerDecryptJWE
IKeyManagerDeleteArgsInput arguments for keyManagerDelete
IKeyManagerEncryptJWEArgs(BETA) Input arguments for keyManagerEncryptJWE
IKeyManagerGetArgsInput arguments for keyManagerGet
IKeyManagerSignEthTXArgsInput arguments for keyManagerSignEthTX
IKeyManagerSignJWTArgsInput arguments for keyManagerSignJWT
IMessageDIDComm message
IMessageHandlerMessage handler interface
IMetaDataMessage meta data
IPluginMethodAgent plugin method interface
IPluginMethodMapPlugin method map interface
IResolverDID Resolver interface
IServiceIdentifier service
RemoveContextRemoves context parameter from plugin method interface
ResolveDidArgsInput arguments for resolveDid
VerifiableCredentialVerifiable Credential
VerifiablePresentationVerifiable Presentation


CoreEventsThis collection defines the core event types.

Type Aliases

Type AliasDescription
TAgentUtility type for constructing agent type that has a list of available methods
TKeyTypeCryptographic key type