selective-disclosure package

Provides a plugin for the Agent that implements SelectiveDisclosure interface.

Provides a plugin for the MessageHandler that detects Selective Disclosure Request in a message


SdrMessageHandler(BETA) A Veramo message handler plugin that can decode an incoming Selective Disclosure Response into the internal Message representation.
SelectiveDisclosure(BETA) This class adds support for creating Selective Disclosure requests and interpret the responses received. This implementation of the uPort protocol uses W3C Presentation as the response encoding instead of a shareReq.


ICreateProfileCredentialsArgs(BETA) Profile data
ICreateSelectiveDisclosureRequestArgs(BETA) Contains the parameters of a Selective Disclosure Request.
ICredentialRequestInput(BETA) Describes a particular credential that is being requested
ICredentialsForSdr(BETA) The credentials that make up a response of a Selective Disclosure
IGetVerifiableCredentialsForSdrArgs(BETA) Encapsulates the params needed to gather credentials to fulfill a Selective disclosure request.
IPresentationValidationResult(BETA) The result of a selective disclosure response validation.
ISelectiveDisclosure(BETA) Describes the interface of a Selective Disclosure plugin.
ISelectiveDisclosureRequest(BETA) Represents the Selective Disclosure request parameters.
Issuer(BETA) Used for requesting Credentials using Selective Disclosure. Represents an accepted issuer of a credential.
IValidatePresentationAgainstSdrArgs(BETA) A tuple used to verify a Selective Disclosure Response. Encapsulates the response(presentation) and the corresponding request (sdr) that made it.


MessageTypes(BETA) Identifies a IMessage that represents a Selective Disclosure Request