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Open Source Community

Veramo is supported by a vibrant open source community. We welcome contributions from anyone interested in improving and extending our product.


Ethereum DID Workgroup

The Ethereum DID workgroup is currently working on the did:ethr method, discussing its upgrade, and providing support to community members who use it. Full details about this workgroup and how to participate can be found here.

Meetings and Programs

Community Call

We hold monthly meetings to discuss new features, bug fixes, and other important topics. These meetings are open to anyone interested in contributing to our project, and are a great opportunity for people to showcase their own products and how they fit in the Veramo or verifiable-data ecosystem.

Community Events

We organize and participate in various community events throughout the year, including virtual and physical. These events are a great way to meet other members of the community and have more people learn about our Veramo.


We use various communication channels to stay connected and collaborate on our product. Our main communication channels include:


We welcome contributions of all kinds, from code changes to documentation improvements. If you're interested in contributing, check out our contributing guide for more information.

Code of Conduct

Our community is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all contributors. We expect all members of our community to adhere to our code of conduct.


We value and appreciate all contributions made by our community members. To recognize these contributions, we have a spotlight program in place. Contributors can earn verifiable credentials and other rewards for their contributions. The active contributors and maintainers of the Veramo repo can be found on Github.

Join our open source community today and be a part of the amazing product we’re building.