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Veramo Agent

The Veramo DID Agent is the entry point into the Veramo framework. A Veramo Agent is an implementation of an Agent using a plugin architecture. This architecture allows Veramo to be modular, scale well and play nicely with the vast array of standards in the verifiable data space. Veramo is opinionated when it comes to standards compliance but not when it comes to how you build your application layers.


Veramo Agent is responsible for but not limited to:

  • Creating Identifiers
  • Resolving Identifiers
  • Credential Issuance
  • Credential Revocation
  • Credential Exchange
  • Secret Application Hot Sauce

On it's own the Veramo Agent provides a common interface for plugins to expand it's functionality. The Agent is the main class and when instantiated, orchestrates both core and custom plugins and manages the core event system.

Veramo was written in TypeScript so it runs natively in Node, Browsers and React Native. Some plugins may be platform specific and have platform alternatives. TypeScript is a very accessible and easy language for most developers to get started quickly building on Veramo.

Methods defined in plugins are available on the agent instance eg:

const message = await agent.handleMessage({
raw: 'thwrthrtrtnwrtnwertetnrth.qaerthq.erth.erth.eTR.Heth',