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IKeyManager interface

Key manager interface.

This defines an interface for a plugin that orchestrates various implementations of AbstractKeyManagementSystem.

See KeyManager for a reference implementation.

The methods of this plugin are used automatically by other plugins, such as DIDManager, CredentialPlugin, or DIDComm to perform their required cryptographic operations using the managed keys.


export interface IKeyManager extends IPluginMethodMap

Extends: IPluginMethodMap


keyManagerCreate(args)Creates and returns a new key
keyManagerDecryptJWE(args)(BETA) Decrypts data This API may change without a BREAKING CHANGE notice.
keyManagerDelete(args)Deletes a key
keyManagerEncryptJWE(args)(BETA) Encrypts data This API may change without a BREAKING CHANGE notice.
keyManagerGet(args)Returns an existing key
keyManagerGetKeyManagementSystems()Lists available key management systems
keyManagerImport(args)Imports a created key

Compute a shared secret with the public key of another party.

This computes the raw shared secret (the result of a Diffie-Hellman computation) To use this for symmetric encryption you MUST apply a KDF on the result.

keyManagerSign(args)Generates a signature according to the algorithm specified.
keyManagerSignEthTX(args)Signs Ethereum transaction
keyManagerSignJWT(args)Signs JWT